Upper Cross Exercise
Last week we talked about what Upper Cross syndrome is. After reading that post you are probably wondering what you can do to prevent upper cross. The first and most important thing to stem this issue is to be aware of our posture and try to maintain the most upright posture possible. This is an important step for several reasons, but key amongst them is that our bodies are very adaptable. The more that we do something consciously the more we do something unconsciously also, and this is double true when muscles are involved. By slouching we are teaching our body a bad pattern of how we should sit. By maintaining proper posture we help to correct this pattern.

While proper posture is very important sometime we need something additional to help us to get our body to use the correct muscles. For this we turn to an exercise known as Bruegger’s exercise. for this exercise there are several recommendations that we suggest you go by.  Here is a step by step guide to doing this exercise.

Upper Cross Exercise

  1. Let your shoulders and neck muscles relax and your arms hang by your side.
  2. Very gently rotate your thumbs out so that they are pointing away from your body, with this motion you should naturally feel your shoulder blades come closer together.
  3. Make sure as you are doing this that your trapizius muscles ( the muscle on the top of your shoulder) is still relaxed and not carrying any tension.
  4. Gently take your chin and move it directly back, almost as if you are trying to give yourself a double chin. This motion should feel somewhat awkward as we are not used to doing it in our day to day. Our typical recommendation is to do this exercise for 30 seconds for every 30 minutes that you are sitting during the day. While this exercise is great start to correcting Upper Cross if you ever want more information on what we can do to help you give us a call at 999-7805!