If you have or have not seen a chiropractor, this post is an overview of what your first visit at Active Life will be like.

Step 1:

The first steps are similar to any Doctor’s office, as we have you fill out the appropriate paperwork and get a copy of your insurance.

Step 2:

The next is a comprehensive history about your current issue. This is the beginning of diagnosing your issue, we will go in depth about the possible causes, factors that both irritate and relive your current pain, as well as many other details that provide helpful information.

Step 3:

After this is the examination. As part of his exam Dr. Sam does a functional movement exam called the SFMA (selective functional movement assessment), this part of the exam is a great tool that not many Chiropractors utilize. The exam has you perform a series of movements and sees where the limitations of your body are, with that information Dr. Sam can get a more specific cause of your problem and tailor your treatment appropriately.

Step 4:

In addition to the SFMA a musculoskeletal exam will be performed to provide additional information as to the specific cause of your condition.

Final Step:

Depending on the severity of your pain some palliative care will be provided on the first day. Typically this is an adjustment to the area in question, however if you are in a significant amount of pain or have never received chiropractic care before other techniques may be utilized instead.  If you ever have any questions or would like to come in as a new patient please contact Active Life at (573) 999-7805.