Low Back Pain Columbia MO

In this post, we will delve a little deeper behind some of the reasons why you might be experiencing Low Back Pain Columbia MO?  First off, if you have yet to read our previous posts first read our post about Lower Cross .

In our bodies rarely is only one tissue involved. That being said there is typically a primary pain generator that causes us to have low back pain. The most common pain generators are joints, muscles or nerves. All three of these issues will present with different signs and symptoms, however, there will always be some overlap between these structures.  Muscle injuries are the most common of the three, a muscle injury will typically present with a dull achy characteristic of pain. Rarely is a muscle injury unaccompanied by some kind of joint involvement. As a pain generator, a joint or connective tissue injury will typically present with a sharp pain, however after the sharpness diminished achy dull pain can be present. The last and arguably the most serious is nerve pain. This pain is described as a very intense pain with an electric shock or burning sensation, this pain will often refer to other areas of the body such as the leg or buttock.

While all of these injuries do present with slight differences there are often common trends among them. The most common corollary with low back pain is a weak or destabilized core. Once our core loses stability it causes an increase in stress in our joints, this, in turn, causes decrease mobility and other complicated patterns. From here immobility often leads to a pattern that will eventually end in nerve impingement. Prevention is always best when dealing with an injury, however, if you have been injured we love to get people feeling better and back to their active lifestyle.

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