After learning a little more about our core stability last week let get a little more in depth with some  additional core exercises. Like I said previously the plank is a good place to start with, but once we feel we can move on to some more complicated movements where do we go from there?

While the plank is a great exercise it focuses primarily on the front muscles of our core, primarily the abdominal muscles. While these are important they do not provide as much emphasis on the side and back portion of our core. For this we add two more exercise a into our routine. The first of these is the side bridge, which is very similar to our the plank, the side bridge is essentially a plank performed on your side, though instead of holding a push up position you are trying to hold a straight line  from your ankles to your shoulder. The exercise evolution should follow the same natural progression as the plank chart from last weeks post, with the one important difference that it should be done on both sides. The illustration below shows a good visual representation of this exercise.