Chiropractic for Crossfit Athletes

Rich Froning – The Fittest Man in the World
Did you know Rich Froning, the fittest man in the world and avid Crossfitter, is a big supporter of chiropractic? “Rich Froning says that “at least once a week I see a chiropractor, if not more”. Now we all can’t be the strongest man (or woman) in […]

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How to Avoid Pain While Lifting

For those of us that spend time at the gym lifting soreness and in some cases pain are a common occurrence. As we gain muscle and push our bodies we expect to have some level of discomfort and associated pain. Today I will go over some helpful tips for preventing pain while lifting.
1. Use Proper […]

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How to Avoid Pain from Running

Spring is here! As we all wake up from our wintertime hibernation, many of us will get out and start running. If over the winter months you have not been active, or often times even if you have, people will develop pain from running. Today I want to talk about some of the ways you […]

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Exercise Recovery tips and CrossFit

So one month ago at the behest of several patients, I started doing CrossFit here in Columbia at Crossfit Como.  So far the experience has been great! I can’t say enough good things and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good place to work out.

Before this I was working out two […]

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The Importance of Exercise

Its safe to say that we all realize that there are inherent benefits to exercising.  While helping us to have better cardiovascular and respiratory health as well as counteracting the effect of several disease processes in the body. It can help us to feel better and to live a life that is overall healthier with […]

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Lower Cross Exercise

In our last blog post, we talked about what lower cross is. This week we will talk about some potential exercises we can do to improve it. First off the important thing to think about when we are doing Lower Cross Exercise, is to work the muscles that are chronically weak focusing on the gluts […]

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Upper Cross Exercise

Last week we talked about what Upper Cross syndrome is. After reading that post you are probably wondering what you can do to prevent upper cross. The first and most important thing to stem this issue is to be aware of our posture and try to maintain the most upright posture possible. This is an […]

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Core Stablity Part 2

After learning a little more about our core stability last week let get a little more in depth with some  additional core exercises. Like I said previously the plank is a good place to start with, but once we feel we can move on to some more complicated movements where do we go from there?

While […]

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Core Stability

Everyone has heard about the importance of a strong core. The more practical question though is how is this affecting to you? First, let’s start off with a brief description of what we are working with or your “Core”.

The core is a general term for the group of muscles surrounding our abdomen and thorax. These […]

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Activity and Chiropractic

What is the difference between you and a world-class Olympic athlete? You may be thinking that the difference is rather large, however, you are an athlete whether you admit to it or not. Our bodies are meant to move freely and function without interference no matter what our level of activity may be.

This reason among […]

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