Carpal Tunnel Columbia MO

In this post we talk about what Carpal Tunnel is and some of the possible causes.  The term Carpal Tunnel has to do typically with a problem in the hand or wrist. The Carpal Tunnel which this condition is associated with is an anatomical structure. This structure is in the wrist beneath the surface, in this tunnel, the median nerve runs through our wrist into our fingers, and the irritation of this nerve is what is most commonly referred to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

While the irritation of the median nerve is what causes the symptoms of carpal tunnel lets take a closer look at what causes that irritation. In our body, we typically have a balanced system in our muscles and joints. When this balance is disrupted other issues arise. The most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is when we stress the muscles of the forearm for a prolonged period of time. Be this with typing on a computer, lifting to frequently, or any other number of activities that can irritate the muscles and tendons.  After a prolonged period of irritation, these muscles and tendons can develop fibrous tissue also known as scar tissue, this tissue is less elastic than healthy tissue, in addition, these tissues become more dense and concentrated. What all of this means is that when this tissue forms there is less room for the nerves as well as more tension on the whole system.

If this problem has progressed to the point where numbness or tingling is present there are several different options for treatments. The most commonly known is are surgical options. There are several different surgeries that are used to fix this problem. The most common are ulnar translocation and carpal widening. While both of these surgeries have a similar success rate commonly they also have a wide percentage of occurrence.  The most common treatment that we offer in our office is cross friction massage or myofascial work in addition to adjustments. With these techniques as well as chiropractic we lengthen the shortened tissues in the body and let that space increase and irritation decrease naturally. With some of the more progressed cases, the success rate can be lower than the surgeries, however with moderate to mild cases the success rate is very similar to a lower rate of reoccurrence.  If you or someone you know is experiencing Carpal Tunnel symptoms give us a call we offer a free consultation to see if Chiropractic is right for your case. 999-7805