So, you wake up with a headache, neck pain, etc. You have a busy day and can’t afford to be in constant pain; you reach for your over the counter(OTC) pain medication of choice. With the pain suppressed you go about your day as you would, without being in constant pain. While OTC medication is helpful at times, and can certainly be convenient, it is definitely inferior in the long run as a solution to what’s causing your pain. This is for a variety of reasons.

It’s estimated by the FDA that NSAIDS cause 16,500 deaths every year. With the fact that these drugs are purchasable over the counter most people assume that they are safe to use at will. While not dangerous for the majority of people, these class of drugs put a strain on the kidneys and the liver. These effects are amplified if there is any alcohol in your system.

If these reasons were not enough, when you take over the counter medication you are simply masking the issue that caused the pain in the first place.

Chiropractic is a better option. Chiropractic can help with most of the aches and pains that someone would usually turn to an OTC medication for; but naturally, and with no significant health risks. In addition, Chiropractic helps to address the underlying issues with a lot of the everyday aches and pains people experience.  As an example headaches, are a common issue people would take medication for. Often times headaches stem from the neck or cervical spine. Which when corrected, can alleviate neck pain and headaches as opposed to just masking them.

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